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Our Presenters

Rick Durra

Rick is a proud father of two wonderful girls, 12 & 13 years old. He is involved in a number of charity organizations and enjoys helping in various ways in fund raising for those in need. Rick is an avid pistol shooter and has won gold, silver and bronze medals at international events.

Rick was blessed with a ‘good’ voice and, combined with his 'good' looks, it was suggested that should be on radio.

Rick has been with Radio Eastern 98.1 since 2004. He trained under Deanna Roberts and has enjoyed their chemistry together so much that he still continues to join her on their Thursday morning program, Cafe Classics.

Rick enjoys easy listening music, Rock and Roll as well as pop. His aim is to play the best mix of music from the fifties (1950s) to the teenies (2013) here on Radio Eastern 98.1.

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