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Our Presenters

David Arthur

As a mid-sixties teenager I grew up with the transistor radio and found it addictive. By 2000, time allowed me to pursue that addiction via the community radio path. Approaching a station that serves the Yarra Valley region, I found myself doing a weekly 9pm to midnight shift. I wanted to find out more about how radio worked, so in 2004, off to the Melbourne Radio School I went. Their 10 week course taught me so much more about how it all worked – what makes good radio and what doesn’t, how to put a programme together, copywriting, music selection and all the other fascinating aspects to the industry.


It was during my time as training co-ordinator at my previous station that I met Peter O’Connor and Cameron King. Thanks to Peter’s insistence to come “join a real radio station” I eventually approached Radio Eastern FM in 2006 and was soon introduced to Peter O’Brien, undertook the training and joined the team.

I’m enjoying presenting as much as he did when he first started in 2000. The Radio Eastern FM environment is a great place to be as it gives presenters the opportunity to share their music, musical knowledge and present a timeslot that fits their individual style. Along the way I’ve met some great people who share a similar passion for radio.

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