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Our Presenters

Lyn Woods

Lyn first became interested in radio after attending and participating in 2 children’s programs run by radio station 3DB.  Among her favourite radio shows were ‘Dad & Dave’, and ‘Yes, What?’
In later years, after joining Toastmasters, Lyn was interviewed about the organization on 3 community stations including 98.1. Doing these sparked her interest in community radio, and the thought that when retired, she would take a closer look.

In 2006, Radio Eastern FM 98.1 ran an ad, giving a number to contact if ‘you were a person who liked people, had a good music collection and an interest in the community’. Lyn rang the number, and recognized that Bob Toll was the voice on the other end of the phone. After greeting Lyn, he said that the station was looking for Presenters and would she be interested. Lyn knew then that this was the right time even though she was still working; some things are meant to be!
Lyn's training began in late June 2006, and her first on-air program was on 1/1/2007.

Lyn really enjoys preparing her programs, sharing her music with the listeners, and being part of the Radio Eastern family.

Station involvement has also escalated to ‘behind the scenes’; as a member of the Committee of Management, plus coordinating and being a ‘hands-on’  member of the Production team.

Lyn has a broad taste in music, with a leaning towards jazz, swing and dance bands, along with music of the fifties.  ‘If you can hum the tune, and it has a good beat, it’s music!'

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